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Client-Focused Approach

When Gerhard Moser founded this firm, he did so based on a belief that clients deserved more than help with investment decisions, they needed advice that considered their entire financial picture. Today, that client-focused approach has extended to serve client accounts through 1,900 financial advisors in Europe, Canada and Austrailia.

Gerhard Moser as a company has expanded through the years to serve busineses, institutions and private individuals through significant capital markets, Wealth Management and asset management services.

Gerhard Moser has always been a very unique kind of Finacial Advisory. Our headquarters are located in the beautifully historic city of Prague in the Czech Republic, but our networks span over the entire world. We have analysts and research teams in every financial hub across four continents.

Our Mission

Our business is people and their financial well-being. Therefore, in the pursuit of our goals, we will conduct ourselves in accordance with the following precepts:

  • Our clients always come first.
  • We must provide the highest level of service with integrity.
  • Assisting our clients in the attainment of their financial objectives is our most worthy enterprise.
  • We must communicate with our clients clearly and frequently.
  • Our investments and services must be of superior quality.
  • Teamwork – cooperating with and providing assistance and support to our fellow associates – is fundamental to sustaining a quality work environment that nurtures opportunities for unparalleled service, personal growth and job satisfaction.
  • Continuing education is necessary to maintain the timeliness of investment knowledge, tax law information and financial planning techniques.
  • Innovation is requisite to our survival in a changing world.

Our Policies


At Gerhard Moser Investment Capital Holdings we strive to provide the best unbiased advice to our clients, we are completely independent meaning that we are not tied to any 3rd party and work on a whole of market basis. This provides our clients with piece of mind that we are working for them and not in the interests of any insurance, fund house or bank that we have terms of business with.

Holistic Financial Planning

We build long term relationships with our clients and provide a full holistic financial planning approach. If we can't provide the service required by our clients then through our array of professional business partners we often can, whether you are looking at mortgages, currency exchange, wills or any other legal or taxation matters, we can help.

Trust is the key to success

Trust is the key to success when working with a financial partner and we offer full transparency in terms of the fee's with any financial arrangements you may make. Gerhard Moser Investment Capital Holdings do not charge a direct fee for our service, we will firstly sit down with you and conduct a full and thorough financial review. After we understand your financial needs, goals and aspirations, we will prepare a professional financial report and roadmap to achieving your desired goals.

Cost effective financial planning

There is no direct cost for our service and furthermore there is no obligation to take our advice. Once you become a client you will be provided with a dedicated qualified adviser, as well as an administrator and account manager to cater for all your needs. We provide you with a quarterly review on your plans and all of your investments are constantly monitored.We will make changes to cater for market conditions and your own personal circumstances as we understand things in life often change.

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Financial Intelligence

  • Assist & Advise
  • Portfolio Growth
  • Reputation & Profitability

Gerhard Moser Investment Capital Holdings invests across a diverse field of market places and industry sectors within a global forum. The specific type and location of each investment opportunity is of no relevance to our in house experts. Our main objective is simple and based on risk verses reward ratios, any move or recommendation made by ourselves to our clients on this basis ensures them consistent returns and, in so doing, furthers the reputation and profitability of our company.

Gerhard Moser Investment Capital Holdings conducts vital day to day activities and services for our clients. We are always available to assist and advise our clients wherever required both in terms of their existing investment portfolio, but also in said portfolios growth, aiming to capitalize on the diversity the global market place has to offer at all times.

Our Team

Board Of Directors

Gerhard Moser

Chief Executive Officer

Our Chief Executive Officer, provides a strategic focused leadership that is crucial to advancing our position as one of Asia’s best independent wealth management firms. As CEO he leads strategic planning across the firm, he is always looking to evolve the way the firm operates and looks to the future to build trust within our investment community.

Maci Liu Hudson

Chief Financial Operating Officer

Tasked with managing the firm’s day-to-day financial operations and banking core services. As Chief financial Officer, her role also includes best leverage of the essential strategic initiatives within the firm. These include critical financial infrastructure and banking platform related updates that subsequently benefit our clients.

Hugo Mašek

Chief Investment Officer

Oversees a team of exceptional investment analysts and professionals dedicated to providing the best innovative investment strategies throughout the wealth management arena. He is also tasked with developing the firm’s short, medium and long-term investment goals. The role also encompasses all investor relations from individuals to large corporate clients.

Jorge Nunes

Strategic Wealth Director

As Strategic Wealth Director, he focuses his attention on helping Gerhard Moser Investment Capital Holdings advisory teams carry out the necessary groundwork and testing of systems and resources. He understands that each client has their own agenda and therefore need their own blueprint for the future.

Head Of Institutional Trading

Jack Cartwright

Head Of Mergers & Acquisitions

Spencer Goldman

Senior Portfolio Managers

Gerhard Moser Investment Capital Holdings current team of Senior Portfollio Managers.

  • Joe Brown

  • Dean Morris

  • James Gordon

  • Henry Carter

  • Richard Stevenson

  • Dan Simmons


We believe that financial security is one of the most important factors when it comes to investment.


By analysing all portfolios top to bottom we provide an in depth account for maximum profitability


We know how important it is to provide for the future and we keep this at the heart of our philosophy

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Key Considerations

  • Initial risk assessment
  • Identifying your goals and aspirations
  • Growth, income and protection make top optimized portfolios
  • Most cost effective solutions all round

Our Added Value

  • Fully qualified advisers
  • Bespoke portfolio optimization system
  • Private banking fund platform
  • Non-market correlated funds

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