Advisory Services

Gerhard Moser Investment Capital Holdings Investment Limited considers the most important aspects of ‘Getting to Know Your Customer’ is helping the individual understand his or hers level of caution and therefore tolerance of risk. Many factors are involved for a true understanding, ranging from age of the individual, status and expectations to accommodate future commitments. Together with our dedicated team of advisors, we will identify, develop and discuss ideas and strategies that best suit your financial needs so together we can get you, to where you want to be.

Investment Advisory Services :

  • Investment Portfolio Management, Restructuring and Asset Allocation
  • Search directives for strategic private and public investments in global markets
  • Informing customers of our own positions within the markets and direct investment activities presented as standard to our full customer base as potential co-investment opportunities
  • Identification of requirements for joint venture partners / associates helping to expand their business

In all of these services and more, teams from within our various departments work together to produce information that will deliver consistent results.

Our Expertise

We are a privately owned investment company offering tailor made financial solutions with expert investment consultancy. Gerhard Moser Investment Capital Holdings Investment Limited has navigated, weathered and successfully profited (where many have lost) through a multitude of financial events, firmly establishing ourselves as a world leader in financial advisory and wealth management.

Understanding the intricacies of today’s financial environment, both locally and globally, has provided the basis for our success. Where numerous financial sector firms have struggled during downturns and periods of economic turmoil, Gerhard Moser Investment Capital Holdings Investment Limited has thrived in performance.

From our inception, Gerhard Moser Investment Capital Holdings Investment Limited has always sort the industries most talented and experienced professionals here to serve our customers desire for financial success.

Services & Protection

We at Gerhard Moser Investment Capital Holdings Investment Limited believe our customers deserve a sense of protection and the only way that this can be fully achieved is through complete trust and confidence of our ability to inform, advise and educate where needed, so the best decision can be made to where a customer’s funds are best placed.

Not only is your account monitored twenty-four hours a day with Gerhard Moser Investment Capital Holdings Investment Limited our financial planners and advisors are also available to discuss any and all of your financial needs, whether it be advice on:

  • Capital Savings
  • Retirement Planning
  • Capital Supervision
  • Tax Planning
  • Education Planning

We believe the products and service of Gerhard Moser Investment Capital Holdings Investment Limited combined will permit you to take advantage and achieve of all of your future commitments, with peace of mind knowing all your needs are being taken care of. Our advisors are available to assist with you any questions or information that you may require.


Gerhard Moser Investment Capital Holdings Investment Limited acts for you, our customers, as your trusted partner in establishing investment and business links within lucrative and rapidly expanding global markets. Our highly experienced team of professional advisors have been recruited from a range of financial backgrounds. When presenting any investment or financial strategy to our customers, you can rest assured that our experts have completed extensive research and analysis of industry, sector and macro-economic data, before any recommendation is made.

Information and timing are essential tools that ensure the success of any investment. Although the goal with any investment is to return the highest profit possible to the investor, as a conservative company, first and foremost our goal is to protect our customer’s funds. With this in mind a balance of high returns with the lowest possible risk are our tried and tested criteria.

We offer all of our customers the necessary knowledge and expertise to outline and execute their investment strategies. Taking advantage of our extensive network of contacts within the financial sector, we undertake the commitment to always add value wherever possible, and to help our customers identify investment opportunities and establish strategic relationships. We also support our customers with financial and operational research, due diligence and analysis, legal representation and investment capital structuring / restructuring.


Advisory Services

Investors seeking a comprehensive management of their financial wealth will benefit from having a personal advisor assigned to your account, developing investment plans, whilst providing you with the very best of information and advice to assist you in your financial planning.

Our advisors have access to a broad range of financial products and services serving as viable solutions for our customer’s financial needs and requirements. The arrangement between the advisor and customer will be on a discretionary basis, where customer approval is necessary for any decision on customer capital.

More popular services Gerhard Moser Investment Capital Holdings Investment Limited offer, include; Capital savings, Retirement planning, Capital supervision, Tax planning and Education planning. Our teams are on hand to answer any questions and can assist you today.

  • Fully Managed
  • Broker Assisted
  • Self-Managed
  • Other

Execution Only - An investment service which is limited to the execution of entry and exit of investment funds yet does include the customer or customer receiving any informed advice or suitability about the stock. Gerhard Moser Investment Capital Holdings Investment Limited does not currently offer this service.


Every financial institution will charge a commission or fee on any transaction or service. At Gerhard Moser Investment Capital Holdings Investment Limited we recognize the need for transaction, process and relationship transparency and so would like to give an explanation as to our fees for private investors;

  • No Fee for Transferring Assets
  • No Account Maintenance Fee
  • No Fee with No Activity on Account
  • No Fee for Maintaining a Minimum Balance

Gerhard Moser Investment Capital Holdings Investment Limited charges a customer fee of no more than 1% on the Net Profits (original investment amount not to be included in calculation) of any transactional arrangement, regardless of profit volume or duration of transaction. If no profits are generated at the outcome of the investment, no fee will be charged to customer account or transaction balance.

For account to be serviced and monitored in entirety, a fee of no more than 1% is charged on the open of any transaction for purposes of fully-managed account, including 24 hour account monitoring with full sale strategy administered. There are no other commissions or fees. Our advisors do not earn any direct commission or fee from any investment transaction.


We believe that financial security is one of the most important factors when it comes to investment.


By analysing all portfolios top to bottom we provide an in depth account for maximum profitability


We know how important it is to provide for the future and we keep this at the heart of our philosophy

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Key Considerations

  • Initial risk assessment
  • Identifying your goals and aspirations
  • Growth, income and protection make top optimized portfolios
  • Most cost effective solutions all round

Our Added Value

  • Fully qualified advisers
  • Bespoke portfolio optimization system
  • Private banking fund platform
  • Non-market correlated funds

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