Public Equity

Public equity refers to a company also known as stock security, whose shares are freely traded on a public equity exchange. Global exchanges are measured by market-capitalization, the sum value of all companies weighted on the exchange, being equal to each company’s share price to the number of shares available.

There are sixteen exchanges globally that have a market-capitalization of $1 trillion. The New York Stock Exchange being the largest in terms of both market-capitalization & monthly volume of shares traded. The Nasdaq takes second place & is largely known as an exchange for technology based companies, & thirdly, the London Stock Exchange Group.

A stock comes to market by auctioning its shares to the public via IPO (initial public offering) typically, enabling the company to raise capital funds, to ensure continued future development & company expansion.

As a result offering investors the ability to experience superior financial performance whilst also managing to provide progressive external results like taxation all in the safest manner possible.

Our philosophy is to simply give you a better chance of achieving a more reasonable performance compared to benchmark with a more considered point of entry and employing a number of pre-determined target prices for a more perfected exit.

Members of the general public are permitted to invest & become part-owner of a company, along with directors & officers, financial institutions, traders & corporations, by purchasing stock in the company. Shares of the security trade & fluctuate in a pricing range in relation to the value of the company’s reported earnings performance and realistic future potential growth.

Given the huge range of sector, industry & location available to choose from, investors & traders have a range of opportunity to diversify their equity portfolio holdings, by purchasing and selling at pivotal times.

Belief of likely future potential...

Investors hope to use strategies designed & developed to maximize capital performance under stringent control. Preservation strategies are employed to add measure & balance to an appreciation philosophy. Philosophy is largely dependent on belief of likely future potential, incorporating a wider view of the broader market and overall economy. The purchasing & selling activities within a portfolio are largely down to the investor’s level of caution over set periods.

Dependent on the investor’s philosophy, the list of securities available will reduce by nature of requirement to the portfolio. Whilst a dividend paying stock income may suit one philosophy another will focus on purely share price growth, most investors seek to find harmony in the balance of both. This balance takes numerous criteria into account such as stock analysis & the investor’s profile, example being, the overall requirement and objective and time allowed and for the total portfolio structure to offer above average performance.


Stock analysis aims to better evaluate the potential nature of impact to a portfolio, by assessing factors like; the stock’s pricing history, company fundamentals, management & exclusive branded product, technology or service. Other analysis may include technical charting methods, using indicators & oscillators to identify & measure pricing patterns & trends. An example of this could be the measuring the assets volume of shares traded by period, which offers assistance to an investor to better understand the level of interest in the asset and assist project potential future pricing moves at specific periods.

Our teams of dedicated professional advisors are committed and on hand to accommodate all of your financial needs through private equity markets. With 20 years’ experience and expertise in maintaining and managing pension retirement funds, wealth and estate management, financial planning, strategies and associated philosophies to ensuring any portfolio is able to act in harmony with the market conditions felt. Stock and fund selection is exercised on a conservative basis until we can see that an investor is able to can make an informed decision, knowing his true level of caution and tolerance of risk.

Our fully managed services at Gerhard Moser Investment Capital Holdings Investment Limited permits you to speak with any of our financial planners, equity analysts or broking team who are available to speak with you today.


We believe that financial security is one of the most important factors when it comes to investment.


By analysing all portfolios top to bottom we provide an in depth account for maximum profitability


We know how important it is to provide for the future and we keep this at the heart of our philosophy

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