Venture Capital

We partner companies that are looking for much-needed Growth Capital to assist in taking their companies to the forefront of their market.

Focusing on companies that have a strong management team and total commitment to succeed, we give them the tools and finances to allow them to flourish, grow and meet their objectives that, without such capital, they would be unable to achieve.

Gerhard Moser Investment Capital Holdings do this by seeking out and involving various types of investments across a broad range of investment sources.

We achieve the necessary financial commitments that create a solid foundation in the companies we partner. Thus ensuring the integrity of the various products, services and industries that are relevant to each individual company or group of companies at their initial and subsequent stages of growth.

What is Venture Capital

Venture capital is a form of equity finance. Venture capitalists (VCs) invest their money in early-stage, innovative and often high-risk businesses. In return, they gain a share of equity. Businesses typically seek venture capital because they have a limited timeframe in which they need to scale to meet an opportunity. By foregoing a share of equity, they can obtain both the financial and strategic means to enable accelerated and sustainable growth. Venture capital is a catalyst for innovation and job creation. Some of today’s fastest growing, game-changing companies are backed by venture capital.

Organisations and individuals that invest in venture capital funds, such as pension funds, endowment funds and high-net-worth individuals, wish to access the potential returns that can be unlocked by providing finance to high-growth potential businesses. VCs provide the crucial link between the available capital of investors and the business opportunity and talent of entrepreneurs. VCs must therefore select businesses to back that have both market potential and outstanding management. VCs enhance each business' potential and enable it to scale with both capital and strategic management.

Why seek venture capital investment

A business will look for venture capital funding to grow rapidly to secure a market. Traditional forms of finance will not fulfil this requirement. The funding will be used to unlock this growth potential – such us by taking on new staff, furthering product development, procuring equipment and inventory, building supply chains and ramping up marketing activity.

In addition to the injection of financial resources, VCs will enhance the business with their specialist knowledge, strategic insights and expertise in helping businesses grow. They also provide an invaluable business network to accelerate growth and an understanding of current market trends.


5 tips for venture capital success

  • Invest in Talent More Than Ideas

    Shift your focus from ideas and concepts of a startup into the quality of the teams on the startup. If a VC bets everything on an idea backed by a weak team, the team may not be able to adapt themselves to a new plan when the market changes.

  • Entrepreneurs Need Partnerships for Large Ventures

    Large ventures that require technology development and large factories can be extremely problematic for investors as it requires a significantly large amount of money to launch right from the start, VC’s should be wary of moving forward without key partnerships.

  • Venture Firms Work with Diligent Investors

    Now that investors have seen the failure of venture firms in the past decade, there is a renewed interest among many investors in digging deeper into the details of venture capital firms. Those who can provide investors with reassurance will be more likely to keep their investors happy.

  • Benefit from a close community

    One of the key strategies used has been creating a space where 13 of their 20 funded companies can set up a HQ. By creating an atmosphere that is friendly and supportive toward entrepreneurs, it provides both the insight and networking that many entrepreneurs require.

  • Successful Firms Invest Their Own Money

    A study suggests that smaller VC firms performed better because they tend to have their own funds on the line with each investment. There are many investment opportunities available for those who invest in the right people and do their homework before jumping into a new venture.


We believe that financial security is one of the most important factors when it comes to investment.


By analysing all portfolios top to bottom we provide an in depth account for maximum profitability


We know how important it is to provide for the future and we keep this at the heart of our philosophy

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Key Considerations

  • Initial risk assessment
  • Identifying your goals and aspirations
  • Growth, income and protection make top optimized portfolios
  • Most cost effective solutions all round

Our Added Value

  • Fully qualified advisers
  • Bespoke portfolio optimization system
  • Private banking fund platform
  • Non-market correlated funds

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